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Natural language gateway / doorway pages search engines will simply... adore

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K and K+

Introducing a new concept of Natural Language gateway / doorway pages generation with PHP

markov chainK php script lets webmasters and seo's fulfill their websites with rich content, unique, optimized pages that will gain traffic from the major international search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Msn.

The most common keyword based automatic page generation issue is "Duplicates and near-duplicates" detecting algo's (01/2001).
After Google's Big Daddy infrasctructure update (03/2006) most of the usual seo tricks such as doorway pages have suddenly become ineffective and potentially damaging for any kind of website. It's a matter of fact: old, traditional doorway generators are actually pretty useless.

And that's why we have created the first " keyword+text" based page generators: K and K +

We started from analyzing classic mathematical principles of Markov chains for producing random text. The problem was Markov chains' low quality output. Too easy detecting their random nature.
So we defined and refined a brand new approach to automatic text generation. Result is the smoothest and most natural text processing on the Net. Grammar-free so our algos can produce any (western) language text: from english to italian, from spanish to finnish and so on.

We kept the online form-alike GUI that made our past doorway generator Genesis' fortune. Easy to be used, easy to be installed. NO Php skills required, NO MySql, crossplatform.

Who need K ?

Webmaster and seo's and anyone who need to plug their websites (or their customers' ones) with rich content pages. "Made for AdSense websites", Tourism, Adult XXX, Recipes, and all kind of websites that need many many many unique pages to get higher rankings in search engines serp's.
Expand your website's "long tail" with unique pages that antiduplicates algorithms will not detect.

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K and K+ features

Artificial intelligence and Markov Chains algorithms. From the core to graphic interface.

doorway pageK php script's core is actually the most brilliant and smartest text generator around.
Artificially intelligent natural language and seo oriented pages are created in seconds on your pc (when working on localhost) or your host (when working online).

Text Based: In an easy and intuitive environment you'll be able to output hundreds of unique pages, with unique texts (you can decide either maximum or minimum text length);

Keyword based: upload your keywords (may be single kwd's or longer keyphrases), K will produce as many optimized, natural language, template based webpages as the total number of keywords you upload (i.e. 100 kwd = 100 pages).

Template based: script come with a default, simple, template. Producing your own requires a couple of minutes. You can design your pages exactly as you wish. No limits to your creativity and brand needs.

Automatic internal linking: K will put links to other pages within text and in the footer.

That's all. Using K does not require any programming skills. Anyone can use it.

  • Sofisticated and brilliant text processing. Actually the best automatic pseudo-natural text generation; K+ features an even more advanced algorithm;

  • Automatic, keywords-based, link generation within text. Good for search engine optimization purposes;

  • Intuitive graphic user interface. No PHP skills required, text files based so MySql is not required;

  • No grammar, rules or syntax to learn: it works with plain text files;

  • Works with templates. Generated pages appear exactly as you want and do not differ from your actual website's look and feel;

  • Outputs any kind of file extension: html, php, asp... it's just up to you;

  • Choose between high quality and normal quality [K+ only - high quality mode requires text-Db's of at least 800KB]

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Limited Time launch offer

Order and receive a copy of K or K+ and start colonizing (and earning from) search engines' result pages today.

K and K+ are available either in Single (you can install it on one domain) or Multi (install it wherever you wish, no limitations) license.

K Single License - $ 49,90 USD

K Multi License - $ 99,90 USD

K+ Single License - $ 69,90 USD

K+ Multi License - 129,90 USD


ALL packages include:

  • K (or K plus) main engine php scripts

  • The graphic interface

  • Sample text DB (you can find other downloadable text DB's in customers area)

  • Sample template file (you can download other templates in customers area)

  • A brief documentation (same old stuff: installation, how to use it...)

  • K's customers area's access code: get more text DB's, templates. suggestions, advices, tips and tricks.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Anything more should I know about K and K+ php scripts..?

Q. What's the main difference between K and K+?

K+ features the options "default quality" text generation and "high quality" text generation; high quality mode relies on a more sofisticated engine, output is definitely impressive. Both versions share the same GUI.
For small "made for adsense" websites, satellite/secondary domains, K is more than enough. If you want to plug your actual website(s) with automatic generated pages, we strongly recommend choosing K+ version.

Of course, K itself is hundred times better than any other markov chain/random text generator actually.

Q. What's a "text DB"?

It's simply the starting text file K will process to output. It contains no complex grammar rules, syntax and so on. Both K and K+ come with a sample text DB. More text DB's are available in Customer's Area. By the way, creating your own text DB is trivial.

Same is for templates, which are simple txt file that contains html code. Creating your own is easy: just make an html page with your favourite editor, place K tags where you want keywords, text and links to appear, save it as whatever.txt and place it in "templates" folder. That's it.

Q. How may pages can the scripts create? How Fast?

Unlimited in number. Text generation process speed mainly depends on your server/hosting. When working offline (localhost) speed depends on your hardware performance. Anyway, it's a little slower than common keyword-based doorway generators, since the algorithms involved are pretty more complex.

Q. May I see a K+ generated web page?

Definitely. Click here to watch an example of what you can achieve by using K+ and a complex template. This template (included in K+ Retail version, single and multi license) includes a random XML Feed parser too.

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You ain't never gonna be alone... and we always promptly reply to intelligent enquires.

support source code tips hints has hired some of the smartest programmers around.

That's why we can provide you the best support ever. Whether you experience problems using the scripts, or you need particular customizations, whether you wish to purchase our scripts' source code or just want some advices to use X better, just write two lines at strategy [at] asking for support.


Here's a brief resume of what you are invited to ask to our guys:

  • Pre sales questions and informations;

  • Source code purchasing requests (for serious web and seo agency);

  • Script modifications and customizations (it's not a free service but the great deal is that we can do almost anything for you);

  • Various issues and enquires: installation, usage, how to install the scripts on localhost, our zodiac signs etc...


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